OPEN AT HOME 5 Pearl Oysters

Experience the Beauty and Fun of opening your Oysters at home yourself 6-8MM pearl inside. The colors can be Red, Pink, Lavender, Black, Plum, Green, Blue White

 Comes in a Vacuum sealed bag for you to open at home. **Colors are not known nor guaranteed that's all part of the surprise!*** 

You can mail your pearls back if you wish to buy a setting that requires for the pearl to be drilled and set.

Please indicate in the Check out if you are purchasing for a specific party Host so that she can get credit for the purchase towards her hostess rewards.


How to open Oyster’s at home


  1. Cut open packaging
  2. Soak oysters in warm water for 10 minutes (this makes it easier to open)
  3. Use a butter knife or other non-sharp tool to open to prevent cutting yourself
  4. Squeeze the Oyster’s two sides together to help the oyster open slightly
  5. Slide the butter knife into the oyster and scrape down the back side of the oyster shell

*prevent going straight down to prevent knife damage to the pearl

*** Please wear Gloves when opening & wash hands thoroughly after opening

****Do not open in the presence of someone with an allergy


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