How to Care for your Jewelry

Pearls are a natural gem and requires special care. Avoid cleaning your pearls and Silver Jewelry with any cleaning products and avoid contact with lotions, perfume, sweat, cosmetics etc. Continued exposure will tarnish and damage your jewelry and pearls. Remove your jewelry prior to showering, washing hands, using any kind of hand cleaners. Your pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. All pearls are drilled and set with a strong jewelers epoxy, however never removing your jewelry could result in the pearl coming loose from your setting. 

Your sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned and polished with a jewelry cleaning cloth only. 

When not in use, simply store your jewelry and pearl in the jewelry bag that is provided to prevent tarnishing and scratching.



These oysters are not fit for consumption and Aphrodite's Oysters is not held liable if the product is ingested by a any person or pet.

When Opening your AT HOME OYSTERS:

* Cut open the vacuumed sealed Oyster packaging. Slide a butter knife into the top opening of the Oyster and Gently slide it down the side being mindful not to cut all the way down. If you cut all the way down you may damage your Pearl inside.

* Be careful not to injure yourself while opening your oyster by using a butter knife only and wash your hands and area thoroughly.