How Live Parties Work

A Live Party is where Aphrodite's Oysters goes live on our Facebook page ( and open the oysters that you choose and purchased on our live feed to see what PEARL or PEARLS you get inside!

When do the Live Parties Take Place?

 You can go to ( Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:00PM Eastern Standard time to watch our live Parties. 

How do I get to open for a Live Party?

You can place your Party Oyster Order and choose the night that you would like to open here on our website. During the day time before the party starts the opening order list will be posted on to our Facebook page so you know when you will be opening that night. Everyone opening that evening will be opening in the order of orders received.

The night of the party just log into

and watch others open their oysters while you wait for your turn.